Saturday, April 11, 2009


Good Friday was not so good for my family. We had to go check out the damage that a fire caused at my dad's farm the night before......he is devastated!

Although he didn't live on the farm, my grandparents house was there & the barn that my grandpa had built was there. They are both now gone. Totally gutted!! Nothing salvageable.

The good news is that all of the cattle are safe!! A neighbor was able to get them to a different pasture. The water pump was burned so my dad will have to find another water source for them ASAP. The gates, corrals, cattle chute were all saved!! Another good piece of news! There is one line of fencing that will need to be replaced, but my dad had planned on doing that anyway. So all in all, God was good! No one was hurt!! But the pain of seeing my grandparents hard work in ashes will stay with us for a long time!
Here is my Dad, my son, Jeremy, my brother-in-law, Gid, & my cousin, Tyler making sure the cattle had something to eat.

It was so weird! The cab of the tractor was totally destroyed, but the John Deere green paint wasn't touched!

They are looking for hot spots. There were a few that they had to put out.

My son, Jeremy, sitting on the steps of the house. I have a picture of him & his brother & cousin sitting on this porch when they were little.

This is a miracle!! My grandpa's faithful companion, Sam (a beautiful German Shepard) is buried under this stand of trees. If you'll look closely, it was not touched!! There is a ring around the trees where the fire stopped!

We are all sad for the loss of those possessions, but we are also thankful that God spared so much!