Monday, January 26, 2009

Less of Me


Thank you, Beth, for the sweet comments about my photography. Sometimes I can see things in my mind, but they don't always come about! You asked about my diet. It's funny you mention that word. At Weight Watchers tonight, our leader asked us what "diet" meant. Here are the definitions that were tossed out.....

.....a four letter word ( really bad!), deprivation, DIE with a T., it has a beginning & and an ending, etc. So I'm choosing NOT to use the word "diet" & instead, I'm using my new eating "lifestyle". Because for me, it has to be a lifestyle. I can't stop. But anyway, in answer to your question, I've lost another 1.6 lbs. for a total of 9.4 (last week I gave you a wrong total. Should've been 7.8). So thank you all for the well wishes on my eating journey. I feel good & positive!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Girl Trip

My sister came down this weekend & we drove to Hico, Texas. Hico is a small, rustic town approximately 2 - 2 1/2 hours southwest of Dallas. It boasts the fact that Billy the Kid lived & died there & they celebrate that fact with a yearly festival, I believe.

They have a wonderful antique store called Homestead. It has the most eclectic, wonderful, unusual antiques & treasures that I've ever seen! The original store is in Fredricksburg, Texas.
Now THAT'S a town to go shopping in!

I hope Dawn from The Feathered Nest doesn't mind that I'm using her idea to show you some of the goodies I purchased while we were in Hico.

We also visited Room No. 5 & Sugar Moon. These are wonderful stores to visit if you get a chance. Here are a couple of other treasures I found. Not quite sure what I'll do with them yet, but they please me just looking at them!

Monday Night Weigh-in

Well, it's that time again....Monday night weigh-in at Weight Watchers. I was a little nervous because my sister had come down for the weekend & we ate out nearly every meal. But I was very cautious in what I ordered & it paid off. I've lost another 2 lbs for a total of 7. Little steps, little steps. I keep telling myself that. I can do this!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Tracy's Box

This is a Memory Keeper box from Close To My Heart that I embellished for my sister's birthday. The inside has 4.25 x 5.50 cards, 2.5 x 3.5 cards, 3 x 3 cards, a notebook & matching pen. It was definitely a labor of love! I love getting different elements together & creating something with it! The paper I used is called Notebook from Close To My Heart.

My Name is Karen & I'm a Food Addict!

It's true! I LOVE food! I love to cook it, look at it, & especially EAT IT! That is why I am in the
condition I am in today! BUT! I have joined Weight Watchers (WW) & the YMCA (Y) & Monday night when I weighed in, I had lost 5 lbs! You may be asking why I am telling you this....well, I figure that the more people I tell, the more reason I will have to be accountable!

But I do have to say that part of my weight problem was due to the fact that I was born into it! LOL! My sweet grandmother (Nanaw), on my mother's side, probably weighed 350 lbs. She made the BEST potato salad (see, food again)!! And she gave the best hugs! Now, on the other hand, my grandpa (Pa), was as thin as a rail! There is a children's rhyme that comes to mind when I think of those two. "Jack Sprat could eat no fat, his wife could eat no lean." But, my Pa could play the harmonica like nobody's business! One of my favorite songs that he would play was "Shenendoah". He had a laugh that would put a smile on anyone's face!

So, anyway, that was a small intro to my family. I LOVE my family!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

A Big Thank You

To my friend, Tammy Jo, for coming over & putting the pop-out player on my blog!! I LOVE
music & it's as much a part of my creating as the elements themselves. Music speaks to me & gives me such a sense of peace. Have you ever heard lyrics to a song or just a melody so beautiful that it brought tears to your eyes? When you do, you never forget that moment or the music. I always have music playing when I create. Try it!

Monday, January 12, 2009


Well, I just got back from taking my precious little dog to the vet. She had a lacerated third eyelid. OUCH!!!! But they didn't have anything small enough to suture the laceration so they had to cut the piece off. She was such a trooper! But it just reminded me of how those wee souls have such unconditional love for their owners. It doesn't matter how much I mess up, she is always at the door with those big, brown eyes of hers welcoming me home. She is my little angel!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

What do I do now?

Well, thanks to Dawn at The Feathered Nest, I now have my own blog!! Thanks, Dawn!

The question now is....what do I do now???? I have this awesome blog in my mind that I want to create for people to come to & feel like they've come home! I want it to be funny, charming, witty, etc. Can I create that? Time will tell!